Omaha Ronald McDonald House

House Policies


Welcome to the Ronald McDonald House. Our mission is to provide families with children who must receive medical treatment in the Omaha area with a temporary home during their stay. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable place to stay.


Staying at the Ronald McDonald House, however, is a privilege. Thus, we expect that our families act accordingly, by following these policies. The Ronald McDonald House reserves the right to ask any family or family member to check out or refuse any family admittance. Failure of any family member or guest to follow these policies could result in your family being asked to leave the House.


The Ronald McDonald House serves up to 18 families at one time. We expect our families to clean up after themselves, complete weekly chores and be considerate of others.


1) Checkout: Please notify the office of your checkout time. You are required to check out once your child no longer requires medical treatment from an Omaha-area health-care provider. You are required to clean your room prior to checking out. All items on the Check-Out List must be completed. Please bring your keys (room, medicine and pantry), baby equipment, payment and signed Check-Out List to the office at check-out time.


2) Payment: The room fee at the RMH is $7.50 per night. If payment is a financial hardship for your family, please notify the office. You will receive an invoice at checkout, at which time payment is expected or a payment plan developed. We ask that families staying long-term pay on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


3) Liability: The Ronald McDonald House is not liable for any personal injury or property loss that occurs during your stay at the House.


4) Supervision of Children: Parents or guardians are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Volunteers and staff are not permitted to supervise children. Children under 8 must be directly supervised by an individual at least 16 years old. Children between 8 and 15 may use common areas of the House, with the exception of the kitchen, without a parent or guardian present; however, a parent or guardian must remain in the House. Children 16 or older may remain in the House without a parent or guardian in the House during daytime hours.


5) Child Care: Families are welcome to obtain child-care for children under the age of 16. Staff or volunteers cannot provide this service nor can we recommend someone to provide this service.


  • A child-care provider watching children not receiving medical treatment must be at least 16 years old.


  • A child-care provider watching children receiving medical treatment must be at least 19 years old and must be able to respond to medical situations and emergencies.


Staff must approve all exceptions to this policy.


6) Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside the house or on the grounds except in the gazebo.


7) Alcohol, Drugs and Weapons: No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or weapons (guns, knives and others) are allowed in the house or on the property at any time.


8) Medicine: To ensure the safety of all children staying in the House, medicine requiring refrigeration must be kept in the locked medicine refrigerator in the pantry. Keys are available in the office. All other medication, including nonprescription drugs, and hospital supplies must be kept in your room.


9) Illness: If you become ill while you are staying the House, you must notify a staff member. We must minimize risk to the families staying at the House and will advise you as to the procedures you must follow.


10) Quiet Hours: 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., seven days a week. Please be considerate of others at all times. Be aware that noise travels from the kitchen and recreation room to some bedrooms. Please keep the volume on the televisions low and speak quietly in these areas during quiet hours.


11) Guests: We welcome your guests to the House. We do require that if they will be staying overnight that you register them at the office and complete an “Infectious Concerns Information” sheet. We need to be aware of the count of our guests for emergency purposes and must screen all occupants for health issues so that we may keep our children safe. We also need to be notified when a guest will no longer be staying at the house so we may update our records.


12) Absences: We recognize that there may be times that you will need to return home or to go out of town during your stay at the House. Absences cannot exceed two nights or three days without staff approval. You must notify a staff member of an absence, no matter the length. You also must make arrangements for your housekeeping tasks to be completed. The room fee is your responsibility during this period. All exceptions must be approved by a staff member.


13) Doors: All exterior doors in the House are secured. Please do not admit anyone you do not know. Ask the party to wait and locate the family that the party is visiting or a staff member or volunteer. Please make sure all doors shut when you enter the premises. Under no circumstances should any doors be propped open or left unlocked.


14) Attire: Shoes or socks, and shirts must be worn when in all public areas of the House -- the kitchen, public rest rooms, laundry room, playroom, recreation room, living room and sun porch.


15) Needle Use: Please inform a staff member if you will be using needles in your room. Needle boxes must be used for the disposal of needles. The Ronald McDonald House will provide you with a needle box if you do not have one. Please return the box -- and used needles -- to the office when you check out.


16) Length of Stay: A family’s length of stay cannot exceed 15 months. The RMHC Board of Directors may grant an extension. The appeal will be considered if it is determined that the health issues of the patient will be resolved within a short time frame. The request for an extension must be written by the parents. This should be accompanied by a statement from the child’s primary physician indicating the estimated length of recovery. A family whose length of stay has expired may reapply for admission if such request is made after the family and patient has returned to their permanent residence and the patient has been released from the current medical situation by a physician.


17) Staff Right to Enter Family Rooms: All families staying at the Omaha Ronald McDonald House must sign a release acknowledging that staff has a right to enter their family room for these reasons:

--To make repairs.

--To inspect the room.

--To search for weapons, drugs or other contraband.

--Any other emergency or purpose that the staff deems as reasonable or necessary.


I have read the above state policies and agree that I, my family and my guests will abide by these policies during our stay at the House. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my family and guest(s) of these policies


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