Grants Program

Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha supports organizations that help children through its grants program. We award grants of up to $10,000, and, in 2010, we awarded grants totaling $20,000.  Ronald McDonald House Charities in Oak Brook, Il., the global charity of McDonald's Corp., provides 50 percent of the funding for these grants.

Grants will be only awarded to organizations that serve children in Nebraska and southwestern Iowa, and may be partially funded.  In order to receive a grant, a potential grantee must meet the following criteria:

  • Directly benefit children.
  • Have consistent and effective management.
  • Have a broad base of funding support.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to respond to specific target populations in a manner that yields measurable results.
  • Focus on health, medical research or education.

To ensure compliance with meeting the RMHC U.S. Matching Grant parameters for funding, the following is a list of items NOT Eligible for funding support:

  • Organizations not recognized by the IRS as a charity having tax exempt status under 501(c)(3), such as fraternal, social, trade, or political organizations, chambers of commerce and professional membership societies.
  • Organizations that advocate for or against or otherwise provide direct or indirect support for or against any political campaign, individual politician, pro‐life or pro‐choice positions, or any other organization which reasonably takes a controversial stand on social issues.
  • Religious organizations or programs aimed at promoting a particular faith or creed, or programs that are otherwise religious. Programs that operate under the sponsorship of a religious organization that are separately incorporated as Independent, non‐religious, tax‐exempt organizations are eligible IF there is no requirement to participate in religious activities or no requirement to be of a specific religion to be eligible for services.Advertising or fund-raising drives.
  • Organizations which discriminate with respect to membership and/or the provision of service or use of facilities.
  • Private schools that are not accredited by one of the six nationally recognized regional accrediting commissions or one of the affiliates of the National Association of Independent Schools.
  • Non‐scholastic programs within educational institutions, such as athletics, bands, drill teams, booster clubs or other social associations.
  • Groups which address issues, or which support others that address issues, by means of adversarial and confrontational tactics.
  • Gifts TO or FROM a charitable gift fund, such as Fidelity Gift Fund, or a family fund, family foundation or other private foundation.
  • Gifts, which, either standing alone or in conjunction with a Matching Gift, result in the donor or a specified individual receiving substantial benefits, excluding awards made through the RMHC US Scholarship program or other education scholarship programs which may be supported by a local Chapter.
  • Organizations under investigation, or reported to be under investigation, by any state, federal or foreign governmental authority.
  • Organizations that disparage or otherwise run contrary to RMHC values or our donors’ brand image.

All grant applications are due September 9, 2020, and will be reviewed in late September.  Grants will be awarded in November.  Contact Doug Zbylut, chief executive officer, at (402) 346-9377 with questions regarding the grants program.

Please submit completed applications to:
Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha, Inc.
Attn: Doug Zbylut
Chief Executive Officer
620 S. 38th Ave.
Omaha, NE 68105-1104
(402) 346-9377

For a copy of the 2011 application form, please click HERE to download the Grant application (DOCX).

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